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Sale! RUNNING Headover w/Reflex

RUNNING Headover w/Reflex

    334,99 kr -10% 301,49 kr

    GO 293 840 A 248A

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    Garments from Devold® consist of long fibered Merino wool - a 100 % natural fibre with a diameter that is only a fraction of a traditional wool fibre. This provides lightweight garments with high comfort that feels soft against the skin. Garments from merino wool ensure that you stay warm even when you are wet. This is because a garment of 100 % merino wool can absorb moisture equivalent to 35 % of the garments weight, without feeling wet. Merino wool has high insulating properties, and it regulates body temperature by absorbing and releasing moisture. Due to its natural resistance to microbial growth and odour retention, garments from Merino wool can be used for several days without smelling.

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    69 % Merino wool / 29 % Tencel / 2 % Polyamide


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